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Seriously, even if he didn’t catch a brick with his head (as is more likely), that’s still going to sting. Bricks aren’t very pleasant to pick up, let alone catch while falling at speed with your delicate photographer’s hands.

I am a little amused that they bothered to provide a reason for the brick to have been caught, though. Since that’s not something they bother with very often.

It’s a shame that Stephanie Brown wasn’t invented in the 70s, because this would be a perfect opportunity to showcase our lovely Miss Steph and her penchant for hitting certain people with bricks. (Oops my ship is showing.)


While your mild-mannered narrator gets her feelings for certain missing DC characters under control, she leaves you with thoughts about bricks and breaths and bread and hopefully you’ll come back for another day with The Super Dictionary!

Check out under the cut for today’s full (Steph-less) page!

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So I’m back from the internetless void (except not-so-sparing use on my phone, but I should have been more sparing), I thought I’d reblog my last Super Dictionary entry from my queue.

Also it mentions Steph.

Because brick.


I wish this guy actually existed in comics.

I’ve decided that Jimmy is anxious about Wilson’s story about slave children making shoes.

I am determined to make Wilson Forbes the badass of The Daily Planet’s newsroom.

Thank you vague phrasing, for making this interpretation possible!


What is even happening here.

Scuba suit…skeletons…I can’t blame you for you hesitation about future adventures, Jimmy. But as long as you’re Superman’s Pal I think you’re a little stuck.

The only thing I can think of that would lead to the scuba suit and the skeletons is that somehow Jimmy found an underwater cavern pirate wreck.