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One of the parts of his hand? Not even, “one of the long parts of his hand”? I mean, for all I know, you could be talking about Green Lantern’s knuckles! Or his fingernails.

Lucky for you, Super Dictionary, that we know what you meant.

And yeah, I guess Hal wears one ring. Except when this happened:


Then he had eleven rings! That seems excessive.

Don’t even ask me what’s going on with Hal’s arm muscles. His deltoid and bicep/tricep region appear to be made out of hotdogs covered in black spandex. I didn’t even know there were that many muscles in the forearm.

crazy Hal with a shit-ton of rings will always be one of my favourite things


It got better.

Ugh, so close to being finished with this first bit. I stopped working on it because I knew I was running out of yarn. Turns out I was right.

So back to the yarn store for me. For an ever so slightly different shade of green.

Stupid dye lots.

These ones.

Well, I’m not done with them yet (I got sick and stopped doing much of anything for the last week), but I did realize that maaaaybe I should do a test run of one of them.

So I chose the GL symbol. And it did not go well:

No, that is not perspective, that Green Lantern Corps symbol is really just that squashed. Because, as always, I forgot that knitting doesn’t work in perfect squares — it’s wider than it is tall.


So I decided that maybe doubling the pattern height-wise might help:

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Uggggh, the Orange Corps symbol is so difficult to grid effectively. At least within the dimensions I gave myself with the GL symbol.

I did the Blue Corps with little to no problems! Suprisingly!

It took me about two passes to get it right.

I thought Orange would be easy-ish.

First draft: Okay, this needs some refinement, but I know where I’m going.

First attempt in the circle: Hm. I don’t like this so much so let’s edit heeere and here and here and…shit I need to start over this is not very good.

Second attempt: Noooo this still has all the same problems as befooooore.

Third attempt: (the one beside the Blue symbol): Okay, here is my plan for that stupid V. (Insert irritated comment about difficulty and sleepy doodle of self before giving up and going to bed.)

Fourth attempt: Now we’re getting somewhere! But the lines are too thin, I need to bulk them out. Also this looks just generally slightly off, but I’m sure I’m imagining it.

Fifth attempt: Doop a doo, puttin’ it in the big circle to line it up…bulking out lines…la la l — why isn’t it lining up. Unless it really is off…

*counts rows*

*has somehow inserted two extra rows without noticing*


Sixth attempt: *makes the big circle first*

*curses at Orange Corps symbol for being so deceptively intricate*

*curses at self for completely screwing up the base-lines for the inner circle.*

Oh, thaaat’s where I screwed up. Okay. Well, just shift that a bit and…perfect!

Hm. That is not perfect.

Okay. Now it is perfect enough.


I need a break from ALL THESE DAMN LINES.

If anyone was curious, this is how I come up with my knit patterns for superhero symbols.

It was a very similar process for the Batgirl hats (…that I still need to make the last one of — I need a Babsgirl classic hat in grey and yellow!)

It’s pretty satisfying to translate these designs to patterns for knitting (or crochet or cross stitch!)

I’m taking a lot of time on the GL one because I plan on using its circles as the base circle for all the others.

Like in swatches of squares of the spectrum with the Lantern symbols in the middle of the colors.



Yes GLTAS is coming to Netflix streaming! I can now get more people to watch!

(no before anyone says anything they haven’t mentioned whether YJ or any of the older DC cartoons are coming. But I HOPE SO!)


That is one step closer to UK Netflix (Let’s hope that it just goes straight through to UK Netflix.)


This is a fabulous start to the last page of “D”.

Hal, what is with you and ducks? First custom order duck toys, now a whole duck under your arm. I think we need to have a talk.

And what other ducks? Ollie clearly does not have any ducks because he’s way too busy running away from a mob.

In any case, GL’s about to get clotheslined.

(I’m picturing a Benny Hill-esque chase scene. I probably wouldn’t be, except for the duck.)

I know ~somebody~ who will like this definition. :D


Apparently Hal goes all the way to Oa every day to recharge his ring on a really strange looking off-model central power battery!

Also I think you’re fibbing a little, GL. There have definitely been numerous occasions when you’ve forgotten to charge your ring and it’s almost gotten you killed. It’s kind of your shtick.

I know this is 34 years after the fact, but all I can think of is GLTAS.

But a good canon is one that holds up for nearly forty years, right?



And for the sake of information, Sinestro exists in GLTAS continuity, but he has not yet founded the Sinestro Corp (Yellow Lanterns).

Oooh, this makes me happy. I was half afraid he was just not going to exist, which wouldn’t make any sense because Sinestro is super important. Even someone as ignorant of GL as me knows that :D