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Less of the dinosaurs, more of the supergirls. I have a lot of feelings about comics, ponies, and books. I should draw more dinosaurs, though.
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Gail Simone is on a tear on twitter this morning.

I said some stuff.

In case you missed it: The “She-Hulk” thing

"So what happens when the audience, male and female, is smarter than the people making the product? They outgrow it."

Directly relevant: DC’s cancellation of nearly 52 of its New 52 titles:

Comics fandom is becoming larger and more diverse all the time, and DC doesn’t seem able or willing to expand the diversity of its own lineup accordingly.”

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Teen Titans Go! #4

robin gets frozen ,some wacky shenanigans ensue, long story short when he wakes up the titans try to trick him in2 thinking that it’s the future , “the future” being the new 52 which raven says is “completley unbelievable” , god fucking bless this show and its spinoff comic 


shots fired


Can’t. Breathe.

So is the TTG comic like the shows antithesis and the jokes are actually funny and clever?

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I got a picture frame for my DC posters today. I am super pleased with my choice for first feature. My plan is to rotate them monthly (starting after it’s hung up — depending on my job situation, we may or may not be moving, so we’re holding off on making new holes until that’s more settled).

I love Jimmy Olsen as The Giant Turtle Man. It’s fabulous. It’s not glued down or anything. Ideally, I want to get some of those scrapbook/photo album corner mounts for it, but I couldn’t find any today? S’weird.

To the right (and behind Jimmy Olsen the Giant Turtle Man) is a memory board I made! And I stuck a bunch of cool things I have acquired in it, including our Sto Lat railroad ticket bookmark, a sketch of Amy from Scary Go Round/Bad Machinery by scarygoround (John Allison) from SPX 2011, a wedding invite, tickets to places, a postcard from Stonehenge (I WENT THERE ON WEDNESDAY) and my cunningly censored library card number.

I’m very impressed with myself and feel like preening my feathers a bit over it. My next memory board project will be to design my own fabric and make a super girls one.

Asker arcadysabo Asks:
Love the Stephanie sketch that you did. The wife and I both really love her mask, the way it conceals her identity but still has her eyes free to be expressive and emotive. Out of curiosity, are you familiar with the Bruiser's team that's popped up? Stephanie Brown, Cass Cain, Harper Row, and Bette Kane... (Purple, Black, Blue, and Red... all the colors of a bruise...) Seemed to pop up overnight after Batman #28 hit...
brikit brikit Said:




That sounds fantastic, im working on a few pieces right now featuring most of them :D

Words cannot express my joy at how the “Bruisers” idea has caught on in fandom.



When I first started posting art on my main blog, it was almost exclusively made up of DC/DCAU doodles.

Then the New 52 happened and killed everything I loved, and I fell out of the habit.

But NOW. Now DC is on the verge of winning me back into the Bat Family with the reappearance of Stephanie Brown, and the new Blue Bird identity of Harper Row.

I’m pretty stoked.

Now all we need is Cass and I will be so happy I won’t know what to do with myself.

I saw someone earlier trying to come up with a team name for a Cass/Harper book as Black and Blue, but then someone else wanting to include Steph (and possibly Bette!) but it would be sad to ruin such a great pun.

But what if we called them The Bruisers?

Then we’ve got black, blue, and purple covered — and hey, red often shows up in the form of the blood of our enemies.

Also I drew a thing, haha.


Bluebird and Spoiler, welcome to Gotham.

From today’s Batman #28. And seriously, who better to reintroduce Stephanie Brown to the DCU than Dustin Nguyen?

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Big Barda is an amazing badass and if you disagree you should just go home.

You may recall these Bardas from my DDCLM effort (still in progress). I decided to finish Barda because I needed to feel like a badass, and there’s nothing quite like Barda to help you accomplish that.

This just in: drawing Barda is super fun.

Extraneous arm straps, bandoleer, ragged half-cape (with hood!), goggles with extra lenses, knee pads, pant legs that are belted on in cross belts (front and back), arm guards, arm bandages, gun attached to one arm guard,corset, kerchief.

You name it, she’s got it.

If her wiki article didn’t say that she was introduced in 2010 I’d blame all the ridiculous bits on the 90s.

So I’m working on drawings, and I’ve just gotten to my Amethyst set. So far I have New 52 Amaya and Amy:

The question is, should I draw 1980s Amethyst? I really like the New 52 version, and generally I’ve just been drawing what I want to represent a single character (incarnations of Donna, Selina’s costume, etc), but the New 52 Amethyst is so different I don’t know what to do.

I don’t really know much about Gemworld, so I’m open to opinions!?