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Less of the dinosaurs, more of the supergirls. I have a lot of feelings about comics, ponies, and books. I should draw more dinosaurs, though.
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So, I tried to design a Spoiler symbol, because it is a CRIME that she never had one.

Also, on the back of that index card that looks like it’s bled through, there is a terrible doodle of my version of the Dean Trippe Spoiler that I’m always drawing (because she’s awesome), and I remembered that one of the few criticisms by his fellow Rooftoppers was the lack of energy in the “S” on the suit (mostly because it was the only thing to critisize about an otherwise stellar redesign).

I drew a slightly stylized “S” in a circle, and then wondered about it and tried to think about Steph’s background and inspiration. That made me think about the Cluemaster and why Steph chose “Spoiler” as her moniker and question marks and how some people write their question marks like a 2 with a dot (mine are even lazier than that — see that first “eh?”)

Then I tried a stylized blocky question mark that might look like an “S” if it was flipped.

And then I tried to flip it, and then on the next card tried to replicate my first attempt.

I like the serif bits, because it reminds me a bit of the Superman S (yeah yeah, hope symbol — EVEN MORE APPROPRIATE FOR STEPH), because even though Batman is Steph’s personal hero, her values reflect way more Superman. Also I think it kind of gets some of the spikiness of the Robin “R” without being too obvious.

TL;DR: I drew a Spoiler symbol. I think it’s kind of neat and accidentally channels a bit of Superman and Robin.

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