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Less of the dinosaurs, more of the supergirls. I have a lot of feelings about comics, ponies, and books. I should draw more dinosaurs, though.
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I’m making treasure for nursery! They’re about half done, but the paint needs a chance to dry properly.

We went to the park the other day and the children collected between 100 and 200 conkers lol. I took some of them to paint. They will be AMAZED at me when I make a treasure map an bury them.


“If you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything.” Happy birthday Tomie dePaola!

The illustration above is from Oliver Button is a Sissy written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola. Check out the Reading Rainbow App to read The Cloud Book, The Popcorn Book, and The Quicksand Book, also by Tomie dePaola.

What is YOUR favorite book by the great Tomie dePaola?

My favorite book by Tomie dePaola is definitely Tom.

Especially the chicken feet story. That’s the best one.



B L A C K  P A N T H E R 
Jungle Action #20 (March 1976)
Billy Graham (pencils), Bob McLeod (inks) & Janice Cohen (colors)

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IT’S $16



I want to buy it. Just to see what words they cut or redefined. Will Teri and Ted Trapper still exist? What about Conjura??


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Ahahahaha I lost the very first pamphlet my midwife gave me and it is literally the only thing with any phone numbers on it, including the one to sign up for the free NHS birth course.

And now I’m all anxious that when I ask the doctor if I can have a new one on Monday, he’ll a) think I’m a moron, and b) tell me that it’s very unlikely that I’ll get on one.


And that gift is being able to spot crossover voice talent from a mile away.

It’s not a very useful gift all the time.

Sometimes it’s pretty annoying. (Especially if I’m hearing the same VA in the same episode of a show.)

But hearing Jack McBrayer and Kevin Kline in an episode of Bob’s Burgers (I don’t have regular tv and have only just gotten the Hola extension), and being RIGHT — I am very pleased with myself.

Matt is somewhat impressed with my magical ability. He’s only half making fun of me when I start preening about it.

I’m going to London Zoo, which will be awesome, but the other awesome thing is that we’ll walk through Regent’s Park on our way to the zoo at the other end (because otherwise we have to faff with buses instead of just the tube so whatever) and I’M SO EXCITED BECAUSE THAT’S THE PARK FROM 101 DALMATIANS.


So I’m super excited.

Because park from one of my favorite Disneys. And also zoo.

It will be a good day.













Fun Story: My director kept telling me and my tenor sax buddy to play softer. No matter what we did, it wasn’t soft enough for him. So getting frustrated, I told my buddy “Dont play this time. Just fake it” 

Our Band Director then informed us we sounded perfect. 

To my readers: “p” means quiet, “pp” means really quiet. I’ve never seen “pppp” before haha.

On the contrast, “f” means loud, and “ffff” probably means so loud you go unconscious.

I had ffff in a piece once and my conductor told me to play as loudly as physically possible without falling off my chair…

Me and my trombone buddies had “ffff” and he sat next to me and played so hard that he fell out of his chair.

The lengths we go for music.

Okay yeah so I play the bass clarinet and the amount of air you have to move and the stiffness of the reed means it only has two settings and that is loud and louder, with an optional LOUDEST that includes a 50% probability of HORRIBLE CROAKING NOISE which is the bass equivalent of the ubiquitous clarinet shriek.

One day, when I was in concert band in high school, we got a new piece handed out for the first time, and there was a strange little commotion back in the tuba section — whispering, and pointing at something in the music, and swatting at each other’s hands all shhh don’t call attention to it. And although they did attract the attention of basically everyone else in the band, they managed to avoid being noticed by the band director, who gave us a few minutes to look over our parts and then said, “All right, let’s run through it up to section A.”

And here we are, cheerfully playing along, sounding reasonably competent — but everyone, when they have the attention to spare, is keeping an eye on the tuba players. They don’t come in for the first eight measures or so, and then when they do come in, what we see is:

[stifled giggling]

[reeeeeeally deep breath]


The entire band stops dead, in the cacophonous kind of way that a band stops when it hasn’t actually been cued to stop. The band director doesn’t even say anything, just looks straight back at the tubas and makes a helpless sort of why gesture.

In unison, the tuba players defend themselves: “THERE WERE FOUR F’S.”

FFFF is not really a rational dynamic marking for any instrument, but for the love of all that is holy why would you put it in a tuba part.

This is the best band post 

Everyone else go home

Oh man, so I play trombone, and we got this piece called Florentiner Marsch by Julius Fucik, and we saw this


which is 8 fortes. We were shocked until,


that is 24 fortes who the fuck does that

Who does that?

This guy. Take a good look - that is the moustache of a man with nothing to lose.

Julius IdontgivaFucik

More like Julius Fuckit

Pyrozod's tags for this were too hilarious not to share

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What are the funniest things that fans have said to you on the street when they recognize you? (x)

I can see the lisp and if I could have hearts in my eyes I would. I’m sorry, just….so cute. It makes me sad that people are made to feel embarrassed about lisps.

Same for braces.

I was never embarrassed about my braces (10 years of orthodontia, 3 times with full braces), but I still hated them most of the time. They’re really uncomfortable, they get tightened and make your mouth agony for a week after, and even when you’ve had them for ages, every once in a while your mouth goes, “You know what? I don’t like all this foreign metal in my mouth. I’m going to tell you that with some awesome mouth ulcers.”

Not to mention other difficulties: loose wires, trouble flossing, trouble brushing, loose cement on brackets…I think the embarrassment about orthodontia is a lot more about the personal discomfort it causes than anything else. At least that’s my personal experience.

I was never openly teased about my orthodontia, and I think that had a lot to do with the fact that so many of my classmates had braces or retainers. (In fact, one of my friends’ sisters made herself a fake retainer out of beeswax and a paperclip she was so jealous of her friends with braces. She was 8.) Maybe I was just lucky, but I think popular media just likes to cling onto braces as a sign of NERRRRRD, a lot like they do with glasses. So it makes a bigger deal out of it than it really is.

America makes such a big thing about orthodontia… Not so in the UK, and we all have nice tee—


Mind you I had braces for cosmetic reasons and hot damn I would go back and do it again if I had to, it did wonders for my self esteem and I think I was only teased like once. I think people without braces were in the minority when I was 14.

Yeah, America probably does make a bigger deal out of straight teeth, but in the case of my mouth (and my little sister’s), everything was just a god damn mess when adult teeth started coming through. I definitely don’t regret braces. I chose to have them on the last time, because I just thought, “If we’re gonna do this, we may as well do it right.”

Plus I got glow in the dark bands on them and glow in the dark retainers. It was pretty awesome.