Dinosaurs and Super Girls

Less of the dinosaurs, more of the supergirls. I have a lot of feelings about comics, ponies, and books. I should draw more dinosaurs, though.
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Basically, the temptation to say a character is super rich is appealing because it seems like it makes things easier if your character never has to worry about finances. Like, you can just wave your hand and say “and we never had to worry about how they afford this nice house/education/collection…

Nothing like awkward family emails to start your day off right?

Thanks Dad.

This baby has been crazy active for the last 12 hours. He’s going to be a ridiculous little monkey when he’s out of there, haha.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon [x]

Man, this is awesome and adorable and sad because Chibi-Usa is *so surprised* to find that she is destined to have her own Sailor team.

I have this feeling that she just thought that she’d be trailing after the inner senshi for the rest of her life until she becomes queen, or maybe teaming up with the outer senshi most of the time. (Team Chibi-Moon/Saturn FTW!!)

Chibi-Usa is so lonely and isolated in the future and it makes me so sad :(

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This came about from talking about trimesters, and a minute later he asked me about dinosaurs and which period T-Rexes are from.

We make a good team.

Man, I didn’t really put together that I’m coming up to my third trimester of this whole baby thing next week. That is both awesome and terrifying.

I guess we should probably start putting the baby’s furniture together this weekend. It’s been sat in pieces on the floor of his room for almost a month now, haha.

I have finally gleaned that (one of) next door neighbors’ issues with their tantrum-y 3-year-old is that he won’t use the potty.

And clearly, they’re ready for him to use the potty.

If this is what most of the sob-fests have been about, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that maybe he’s not actually ready, and it would save everyone a lot of heartache to just let the kid stay in nappies for a little while longer.

So my mom’s up in Utica taking care of my Nana after a minor surgery. She gave herself a hernia, probably lifting something too heavy while doing housework. My Nana is 92 and lives alone (but literally surrounded by family. You can see my aunt’s house from her front window, haha).

I have recently sprained my back, also because I was lifting heavy things (read: children) at work because I have been too stubborn to admit that being pregnant is taking its toll on my body.

Like I told my mom the other day, at least now I know where I get my stubborn streak from?

Pregnancy: Bringing natural absent-mindedness to whole new heights.